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I have both written for, and been featured in, several international and local publications. I wish I had more time to write as I love the creative outlet that it gives me.

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freelance sourcer

How to Be a Good Manager to Freelancer Sourcers, and What You Should Expect If You Want To Go Freelance

This was the title of the recent article that I have been working on with the brilliant…

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Published: UK Recruiter’s Brilliant Women in Recruitment and HR Series – Vanessa Raath

It was a real honour to be featured on UK Recruiter‘s Blog for Women’s Month in March….

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recruitingdaily vanessa raath sourcing tech

Published: Tech the Halls: Using Dev.to For Tech Recruiting with RecruitingDaily

It was an honour to collaborate with Jackye Clayton and several other Top Sourcers on the 12…

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vanessa raath shrm glocal talent

Published: SHRM – Recruiters Hire Locally for Global Work

It’s a real honour, and has been a lifelong ambition of mine, to be published by an…

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ERE.net Vanessa Raath interview

Published: ERE.net – This Is How I’m Staying Relevant As a Talent Acquisition Professional

A big thank you to my friend Vadim Liberman, the editor of TLNT (Talent Management & HR)…

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vanessa raath sourcer

Published: Wizard Sourcer – Interview Spotlight with Vanessa Raath

If you are a Sourcer and you do not know Jonathan Kidder or his blog, Wizard Sourcer…

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Vanessa Raath Brainfood interview

Published: Recruiting Brainfood – 20 questions with Vanessa Raath

I was featured on Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood with a fun 20 questions engagement! This was an incredible…

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IOL article Vanessa Raath Work Life Balance

Published: IOL Business Report – Blending work and your life

Source: IOL Business Report There is an importance that can be attached to having a work-life blend….

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budapest sourcecon vanessa raath

Published: SourceCon – An African’s Take on #SourceCon Europe

I had butterflies the size of albatrosses in my stomach as I said farewell to my family…

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vanessa raath recruitment agency

Published: SourceCon –  The Pros and Cons of Working for a Staffing Agency

Working at a staffing agency is definitely unlike working in most other companies. The pace in a…

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vanessa raath recruiting sales

Published: Sourcecon – The Challenge of Recruiting Sales People

I firmly believe that recruiting is something that is in your blood. You cannot be a halfhearted…

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vanessa raath sourcecon seattle

Published: SourceCon – Why You Should Do Your Homework Before Keynoting in a New Country

I am sitting on my patio back in South Africa, and I keep on having to pinch…

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