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Pivoting Through a Pandemic – The Vanessa Raath Story

I have many things to be grateful for in my life but one of my greatest blessings was discovering, and becoming part of the SourceCon Family. I have to thank the following people for their influence in getting me involved in this community: Shannon Pritchett, Tangie Pettis, Ann Wilkerson, Amy Suits, Katrina Collier, David Manaster and probably many other people that I have forgotten right now.

I have now Keynoted at two of their major conferences and I, unfortunately, missed a third Keynote presentation in Lisbon, Portugal due to the Virus :(. This is a summary of my last presentation at SourcecCon Digital from March 2021. The wonderful Josslyn Kimbrough. I think she did an AWESOME job in summing up my presentation succinctly and she even managed to capture my energy!

Please feel free to have a read of Josslyn’s article here. I would love to hear your thoughts?

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It's always a pleasure to be a Guest on the Recruiting Trailblazers Podcast with the dynamic @marcusedwardes! 🎙️ I keep on having to remind myself that we are recording a Podcast and not just having a general catch-up chat.


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