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Published: IOL Business Report – Blending work and your life

Source: IOL Business Report

There is an importance that can be attached to having a work-life blend.

Bend? Yes, I know what you are thinking – didn’t I mean to say balance? The answer is no, I am keeping up with the times and now looking at a Blend as opposed to a Balance.

In this instance, we refer to work as the amount of time you spend focussing on ‘work-related activities’ and when we mention life it refers to your ‘lifestyle’.

It is clearly becoming more evident that, in this day and age, our professional lives are morphing with our personal lives. This is obviously happening in various degrees, with differing repercussions, all over the world.

How many of you answer yes to the following five questions?

  • Do your work emails get sent to your personal cell phone?
  • Do you check your work emails in the evening?
  • Do you check your emails over a weekend?
  • Do you miss family events or functions because you have too much work to do?
  • Do you take your work laptop on holiday with you?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you have a work-life blend that is more heavily weighted towards work. In some situations you would expect to see the blend in favour of work – this would be for people who own their own business; a start-up that is still trying to get off the ground and/or during a busy time of a business cycle like month end.

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