Candidate Communication – Being Creative in Your Outreach | Guest on Jobsync’s Marketing Roundtable

It’s the heat of August, the last days of summer, and Vanessa Raath, in her peak of winter (coming to us all the way from South Africa) joined us to talk about talking, what to say and more importantly how to say it to get candidates to engage. This talent shortage isn’t going away any time soon and recruiters need a whole new set of tools in their arsenal to stand out in a crowded market of ‘opportunities’.

So turn those mics and cameras on and enjoy our latest instalment of the recruitment marketing roundtable.

Why do candidates want to work for you?

At the heart of all recruiting is first and foremost, why should a person spend their limited time working for you? For many, it’s not just about a paycheck (although that is important too!). It’s more than that. Candidates want to work at companies they feel connected to. Candidates might leave bad bosses, but they GO to companies. For some, that means they want to work for companies that have a purpose and a mission to make the world a better place. For others, it’s an interesting technology, a personal challenge, or a sense of community. Why candidates go to companies isn’t a one-size-fits-all – but there is nearly always a ‘reason’, and that reason might not be on your corporate careers page.

And your first impression is everything. This means first understanding candidate behaviour. How do they discover you? Your career site? Maybe. Your job posting? Probably. Great job postings can attract great candidates. Like recruiters scanning hundreds of applicants at once, candidates review hundreds of jobs quickly, weeding out most. At first glance, most people can make a pretty quick decision about whether or not they want to apply for a job- your job.

And this is where so many companies fail. Your job postings aren’t actually about you. It’s about creating a connection. It’s about getting potential candidates to nod to your posting. To your questions. Are you passionate about helping others? Do you thrive when you get to work independently? Are you a self-proclaimed problem solver who loves learning new tech to improve processes? These kinds of questions get the reader excited, they want to say ‘yes!’.

Asking valuable questions right out of the gate can help candidates get a better understanding of the ‘why’ behind their hiring needs. But as a hiring team have you considered WHY a candidate wants to work for you? We’ve all seen the meme.

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Thanks to Jobsync and Lex Kremer for setting this up! 🙂

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