How can you make your CV STAND OUT? | Guest on Radio 702

Ray White from Radio 702, speaks to career branding specialist, Vanessa Raath, on CV content and submission. Listen to the Radio Interview here.

Recruiters believe CVs should be multidimensional and reveal different facets about an individual.

A lot of people think it’s about putting [on your CV] what you studied, what your subjects were. As recruiters, we want to see what societies did you belong to. Did you head up the debating team, were you a prefect? It’s all about finding out more about the person.

Vanessa Raath, Career Branding Specialist

Raath added that there are two recommended ways to compile a CV. Job applicants should either use Microsoft or Canva templates.

These do not only make your CV stand out because it’s different from the typical bland, black and white CV, but they also give it a great look and feel.

However, colours should be complementary as a CV is still a professional document and information still remains key.

You want to say exactly why you feel the role is good for you, why you have the right experience, and why you are best equipped to perform well in this role, which is already in the CV, so do not put a cover letter in your CV.

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