Guest on the REC Podcast: Talking Recruitment

Episode 18: How to up your talent sourcing game: Tips from a global talent sourcing trainer

Guest Speaker & Host:

A recruiter wears many hats during their career – from being a marketer building brands and deploying marketing strategies to source the best talent, to forging long lasting relationships and partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders.

As Global Talent Sourcing Trainer and renowned Keynote Speaker Vanessa Raath puts it “If you’re going to be a recruiter for life, your partnerships and your relationships are golden.”

But how can you up your talent sourcing game? Are you relying solely on active talent to fulfil your clients’ requirements or thinking outside the box to overcome the challenges posed by the ongoing labour shortages? In our latest podcast, Vanessa shares her wisdom on becoming a better talent acquisition professional.

You’ll hear about:

  • Why do we need to source passive talent?
  • Tools to source the right talent
  • Next steps once you have identified the right people
  • The importance of your online brand as a Talent Acquisition/Recruiting Professional
  • The power of Boolean

Find out more about Vanessa Raath here or connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn.

Listen to the Podcast here.

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