Guest on The Human Element Podcast with Nix Stephens

It’s always a pleasure to be invited to be a Guest on someone’s Podcast! Nix Stephens and I had a robust discussion about Bringing the Human to our Careers! Read more about our Podcast here:

In this episode, I was thrilled to interview my first female in Tech, a true powerhouse in the world of talent development and leadership. We dive into the incredible journey of the International Keynote Speaker and the brilliant mind behind The Talent Hunter Academy, Vanessa Raath!

If you’re not familiar with Vanessa, you’re in for a treat. Vanessa has been setting stages ablaze globally with her dynamic presence and thought-provoking ideas. With a career spanning 15+ years, Vanessa has become the go-to expert for organizations looking to transform their talent and cultivate leaders that drive success. The Talent Hunter Academy is a game-changer in the world of recruitment. Vanessa’s brainchild, the academy, is a breeding ground for innovation, where individuals are not just trained but transformed into exceptional Recruiters.

In this episode, I got to peel back the layers of Vanessa’s journey – from her early days to becoming an international sensation. We’ll explore the principles that drive The Talent Hunter Academy’s success and gain exclusive insights into Vanessa’s philosophy on leadership, talent acquisition, and the future of work. Join us! Click here to find out more about Vanessa and her Academy:

You can listen to our conversation here.

You can listen to Nix’s amazing Podcast on her YouTube Channel – she has had some really amazing Guests!

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