How to find Hard-to-find Talent | Guest on Recruitment Uncensored with Kate O’Neill

It was an absolute pleasure to be a Guest on Kate O’Neill Recruitment Coaching’s Podcast.

Kate and I are both members of The Recruiting Gym so it was about time that we collaborated on something! This is what Kate had to say about the discussion:

As Recruiters, finding talent is one of our main objectives. Without our candidates we aren’t able to fulfil the requirements of our role. There have been times over the last few years where finding that talent has been particularly tough, and it really has been a candidate led market. Every sector has times when, whatever we seem to try, we just can’t get the calibre or amount of candidates we need.

We all tend to use the usual sourcing methods such as LinkedIn and the job boards, but our competitors are no doubt relying on those too, and it can mean that the pool of people available to us becomes small very quickly.

⭐ People don’t grow on trees (unfortunately), so we need as many tools in our box to source great talent

⭐ Without the right training, we can be limited in our sourcing methods through no fault of our own

⭐ Business development and our candidate pool come hand in hand; without the required talent available we will struggle to keep our clients It’s clear how important it is to have access to great talent as a recruiter, so how do we go outside of the norm to gain access to the candidates we really want to find?

My guest on this show is Vanessa Raath, The Talent Hunter; what better person to have on for this subject! With over 13 years of recruitment experience, Vanessa runs her own Talent Sourcing training business where she helps Recruiters and Talent Sourcers on a global scale find the best talent in their industry.

We will cover…

💡 Why Recruiters are battling to find Talent these days

💡 The dangers of becoming too reliant on Job Boards and LinkedIn

💡 Where we should be looking for Tech Talent If your candidate pool is low and you want new ways to find top talent, then I highly recommend you click the attend button above…this is one you don’t want to miss!

I look forward to having you there.

You can listen to our robust discussion here.

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