Podcast: The #SocialRecruiting Show | Episode 61

Katrina Collier (Author, Speaker & Facilitator) and Audra Knight (Employer Branding Boundary Breaker) invited me to chat about tracking trends even when you’re in South Africa and squirrels, actual ones not purple ones!

The #SocialRecruiting Show Ep. 61: Staying On Top Of Recruitment Trends From Afar

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Have you seen this extension?

Today Katharine and Vanessa kicked off LinkedIn week and shared the candidate look-up extension, this one is not only useful for recruiters but for everyone to manage their digital footprint.


If you’re hating social media at the moment, you’re doing it wrong.
It’s simple:
👉 unfollow
👉 mute
👉 block
What you see & engage with is in your hands & you should be cleaning up regularly.


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