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Published: SourceCon –  The Pros and Cons of Working for a Staffing Agency

Working at a staffing agency is definitely unlike working in most other companies. The pace in a staffing agency is both frenetic and frantic, from early in the morning until often very late at night. It has been a while since I worked in a staffing agency and even though I look back fondly on my time at an agency, there are some aspects of these working conditions that I will never miss. As with anything, there are positives and negatives, for working in an agency set up and as I always like to focus on the positives, let’s start with the pros.


  • You have Someone to Bounce Ideas off and Partner with: This is the one positive that will always stand out in my mind about agency recruitment. You are surrounded by a team of other people, who are in the same situation as you, therefore, they completely understand the strange nuances of working in this crazy industry of recruitment. There was nothing like reaching a dead end when sourcing, or with trying to get hold of an elusive client and having people around to ask for suggestions and what you could be doing better! This was invaluable to keep focused and always to have alternatives when you came unstuck.

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