Podcast: Recruiting Trailblazers – Sourcing Outside LinkedIn & Online Brand Building

It was an absolute pleasure to record this podcast with the wonderful Marcus Edwardes. I first chatted with Marcus after he interviewed a great friend on mine, Mike Cohen aka Batman on his Recruiting Trailblazers Podcast. You can listen to their amazing discussion about how to ‘Upgrade your Outreach Messaging Superpowers’ here.

Marcus has also had great people like Hung Lee, Mitch Sullivan, and Jonathan Kidder, to name a few.

Marcus and I had an awesome chat about ‘Sourcing outside LinkedIn & Online Brand Building’ – I hope that you enjoy the Podcast as much as I did.

Please click here to listen to our discussion.

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Have you seen this extension?

Today Katharine and Vanessa kicked off LinkedIn week and shared the candidate look-up extension, this one is not only useful for recruiters but for everyone to manage their digital footprint.


If you’re hating social media at the moment, you’re doing it wrong.
It’s simple:
👉 unfollow
👉 mute
👉 block
What you see & engage with is in your hands & you should be cleaning up regularly.


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