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Diversity Sourcing Training

I have had such an incredible time collaborating with my good friend, Balazs Paroczay on our Diversity Sourcing Training Workshop. I cannot tell you have many ‘belly laughs’ we have shared while putting this together! 2021 is our year my friend! 🙂

We believe that there is an incredible need for Sourcers, Researchers and Recruiters to get better at their diversity sourcing and we are here to train them to do better!

Here is some more information about the Training that we are so excited to deliver to your Team:

The purpose of the Diversity Sourcing Training
Would your company like to boost their Global diversity sourcing capability and to learn new tactics and methods that will help their Recruiters and Sourcers to hire diverse talent, more effectively and efficiently?
To only improve the search component of diversity hiring will not bring the desired change to the end-results – every aspect of sourcing and recruiting needs to be aligned (and improved) to effectively build a truly diverse employee base.
Our Diversity Sourcing Blueprint Training will cover a wide range of sourcing topics (search, attraction, candidate outreach and engagement methods). It also provides an overview of some of the leading diversity sourcing technologies and methodologies currently available to global markets.
We believe that a complete and holistic Diversity Sourcing Blueprint Training is the best way to implement significant change in your diversity hiring strategy.

Our proposal
3-hour-long interactive and inspirational training about Diversity Sourcing.

  1. Introduction: Surveying your Talent Acquisition Team to better understand their current diversity sourcing practices
    a. Survey on the current Diversity issues in the attendee’s local communities
    b. Survey on how the attendees feel that they could improve the current
    diversity status of your company
  2. Online Diversity Sourcing Training:
    a. Inspirational testimony about our personal journeys from the majority to the minority
    b. Understanding who is left out; analyse current diversity state at your
    c. Introducing the Diversity Sourcing Blueprint
    d. The four strategies of the IPNC model that will maximize your diversity recruiting efforts:
    i. Identify
    ii. Promote
    iii. Network
    iv. Collaborate
    e. The Seven Points of Reference; a complete guide to find & engage with
    every diverse talent
    i. Digital footprint discovery
    ii. Company and competitor mapping
    iii. Groups, communities and associations
    iv. Recruitment marketing
    v. Institutions (education, healthcare etc.)
    vi. Tapping into networks
    vii. Personal interest
  3. Key take-aways: the Diversity Sourcing Blueprint that every Recruiter and Sourcer can start implementing in their sourcing efforts
    Please note:
    ● The Diversity Sourcing Training will be held in English
    ● The training will be hosted on ZOOM
    ● The team shall provide current positions to the Trainers at least a week before the actual workshop

We look forward to hosting you on our next Training Course – please get in touch with either Balazs or myself to find out when this will be!

Balazs – or

A few Testimonials from our previous Training:

Our team had a truly amazing session with Balazs, a lot of inspiration, ideas and discoveries for an effective social media sourcing. Well prepared and managed session, I absolutely recommend Balazs to everyone who would like to learn top trending sourcing methods.
Ala Juraszek, Global Talent Sourcing Manager, Philip Morris International (CH)

This training has been life-changing for my business, I only wish I had done this 2 years ago already! Vanessa, you have opened up doors for me that I never knew existed. Your training was very informative, mind blowing, and funny.
Tascha Hermann – Recruitment Director (UK)

Balazs is a true leader. He gave me wings to fly and showed me the world of sourcing. I am eternally grateful for his mentorship and friendship. Thanks to him I am where I am today.
Klara Hermesz – Learning Partner for Tech Recruiting at Facebook (US)

Vanessa is heartfelt, smart as a whip, humble, and extremely helpful. She fosters a true sense of community, can-do attitude, and positive inclusion. Her keynote speech at the SOSUV (Sourcing Summit Virtual) on Diversity had the entire Conference under her spell.

Elizabeth Lembke – Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent (DE)

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