Guest on the The Inclusion Bites Podcast | Beyond Labels

In this episode of The Inclusion Bites Podcast, Joanne Lockwood welcomes Vanessa Raath to explore the theme of “Beyond Labels”. Together, they engage in a candid conversation about the impact of labels and stereotypes on diverse aspects of life, from dietary choices and personal identities to societal prejudices and workplace diversity.

Vanessa Raath is a talent-sourcing trainer with a unique perspective on the challenges of navigating labels and stereotypes in both professional and personal contexts. As someone diagnosed with ADHD and a business owner, Vanessa offers valuable insights into embracing individuality and challenging societal perceptions. Her experiences provide a thought-provoking lens through which to explore the complexities of human behaviour and labels.

Throughout the episode, Joanne and Vanessa delve into the nuanced implications of labelling, touching on topics such as the impact of alcohol bans during lockdown, the journey towards vegetarianism, and the complexities of ageing and self-perception. Their conversation also explores the significance of authentic communication, acknowledging differing perspectives, and the role of empathy in building inclusive environments.

As a listener, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted impact of labels and stereotypes, while also discovering practical insights for creating more inclusive and empathetic interactions. This episode challenges preconceptions and encourages individuals to reflect on their own perceptions and judgements, ultimately emphasising the importance of embracing diversity and individuality beyond labels.

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