Guest on 9am | How to find your Uniqueness to win the Best Projects

“Dealing with a freelancer’s dilemma, discovering uniqueness, avoiding overthinking – unravel the unspoken challenges that freelancers face and discover the keys to success!” 💪 – Yurii Lazaruk, 🙌 Community Psychologist and Consultant 🧠 Freelancers Ambassador at CodeControl and 🌟 The Community Life Show Host 🎙 Explorer of Communiverse 💫 CMX Summit Speaker 🗣

Today my guest is Vanessa Raath, a Freelance Sourcer who helps recruiters to find the best talents and is passionate about elevating the standard of sourcing globally. 🤩

In this episode, Vanessa shares what he finds the most challenging about freelancing:

👉 Being willing to work 14 hours a day because of many projects.

👉 Understanding where to put your non-billable hours.

👉 Not working at a flat-out pace. Join us to learn from Vanessa’s experiences and feel you are not alone in this journey. Watch the full episode HERE

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00:00 Vanessa’s Introduction

00:37 Challenges of Being a Freelancer

02:35 Finding Your Unique Freelancing Niche

03:56 The Importance of Networking and Community

05:40 Balancing Workload and Personal Time

10:07 Building Your Brand as a Freelancer

11:30 Dealing with Professional Loneliness

12:23 Advice for Aspiring Freelancers

13:48 Transitioning from Full-Time Employment to Freelancing

14:39 Reflections on Starting a Freelancing Career

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