Webinar: WeAreKeen – How to Improve your Diversity Sourcing Strategy

In this webinar, Vanessa and Balazs will be looking at how recruiters and sourcers can improve how they identify and reach out to diverse candidates in order to network and collaborate with people from minority groups. They will be giving away tangible ideas on how diverse sourcing can be implemented more effectively and efficiently by both internal and agency Recruiters and Sourcers.

Balazs Paroczay is a globally recognized Sourcing Leader, Keynote Speaker and Talent Acquisition Strategist. Over the last fifteen years, he has been engaged with various global organizations helping them set up best-in-class sourcing functions and organization-wide sourcing capabilities. 

Vanessa Raath is a Global Talent Sourcing Trainer and Tech Sourcing Expert. She has trained a large number of recruitment agencies, as well as several internal Talent Acquisition Teams, around the world. Currently, Vanessa is the Head Cheerleader, of The Talent Hunter, her own business.

Key takeaways: 

Vanessa and Balazs gave their top practical tips on searching for diverse candidates in an efficient way by making use of traditional methods, but also hashtags and even emojis! 

Curious to find out what other top secret ways of reaching candidates they share? 

Watch the webinar in full now! 

Thanks to Doeke Geertsma & Laima Hamel-Jolette from WeAreKeen for inviting Balazs and me to be guests on your amazing Webinar series.

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