Brainfood Live On Air – Ep157 – How to Organise a Sourcing Jam!

“The true mission of a great Recruiter is to get EVERYONE in the business operating as a Recruiter; after all, they are the ones with the strongest networks of relevant talent! One of the ways to activate the company ‘recruiting muscle’ is to organise a Sourcing Jam – a half or full-day session where a department works with the TA team to dive into our professional networks, collate relevant candidate details and set about contacting them!” – Hung Lee

If you want to surge your hiring for a particular department, a sourcing jam is the way to do it.

You will learn:

– How do you plan a sourcing jam

– How to communicate the plan with the departmental head

– How to encourage the shy

– How to moderate the not shy(!)

– What about bias?

– Tools and techniques on the day

– How to collect the data

– What do you drive the campaign towards?

– How to create a repeatable process.

All this and more with Vanessa Raath, Founder (Talent Hunter), Tereza Machackova, Head of People, Deepnote, Joey NK Koksal, Lead Tech Talent Acquisition Partner at PVH & Matthias Schmeißer, Global Director of Talent (Beamery)

Listen to the episode here.

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Have you seen this extension?

Today Katharine and Vanessa kicked off LinkedIn week and shared the candidate look-up extension, this one is not only useful for recruiters but for everyone to manage their digital footprint.

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It’s simple:
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