Guest on the Recruiting Trailblazers Podcast | Sourcing Secrets, Better Boolean and Chat GPT Has Arrived!

In this episode, Marcus Edwardes once again speaks with Vanessa Raath, a freelance Sourcer, a global Talent Sourcing Trainer, an international Keynote Speaker, and a wildlife photographer. She recently founded the online educational platform, Vanessa Raath Academy. Listen in as Vanessa shares what sourcers can do to be steps ahead of the competition once the economy regains its momentum. She talks about automation tools that have risen in popularity in today’s market, and how to use them effectively without neglecting the human element in recruitment. Vanessa says that while there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tools and platforms, agencies must be willing to “skill up and start embracing HR tech” or risk being left behind.

She gives us her thoughts on the ChatGPT phenomenon and why she isn’t worried about AI taking her job. She also talks about the art of writing Boolean strings and why she believes that becoming proficient in Boolean is a must-have skill for every recruiter.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

●      [01:44] How to stand out in today’s sourcing landscape

●      [05:17] How sourcing has become both harder and easier

●      [06:58] Go-to automation tools

●      [09:41] Personalization versus mass outreach

●      [11:39] About Vanessa’s free online academy

●      [16:05] How ChatGPT may impact the recruitment industry

●      [21:26] The art of writing Boolean strings

●      [24:20] How long it takes to learn Boolean from scratch

Key Quotes:

●      “Focus on your pipeline and building communities so that, as soon as hiring starts again, you will be able to take the best talent into your organization.”

●      “Pick a niche and start building a network in that space, because that’s what’s going to set you up for success.”

●      “I don’t think there is one tool that is going to solve all of your issues. It’s the responsibility of the recruiter’s agency and internal to skill up and really start embracing HR tech because if they don’t you’re going to be left behind.”

●      “ChatGPT is not going to get rid of recruiters and solve all of our world problems. But, it’s going to help us from a time perspective.”

Listen to this episode here:

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