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“I often say LinkedIn is responsible for dumbing down our whole industry. Because it’s too easy.” – Vanessa Raath

Vanessa Raath is the founder of The Talent Hunter and an ex-Scuba Diving Instructor. Based in South Africa, Vanessa teaches people within the talent industry how to hunt down and engage the best talent.

Vanessa joined Mike to talk about some of the strategies she teaches in her academy and tutoring and about RecTech.

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“You’ve got to make sure you’re messaging the right person, and if you want to see your response rates increase you have to start working on your personalisation.”

Vanessa Raath

Vanessa is a huge advocate for personalisation, and part of that comes down to ensuring that you’re messaging the right people. She also shares strategies for finding the right people – including a GitHub hack.

“I firmly believe you need dedicated sourcers on your team.”

Vanessa Raath

Vanessa acknowledges, however, that for a 360 recruiter sourcing the best talent and adopting the best engagement strategies can be particularly challenging. In her courses, she teaches time-effective ways to find candidates.

If you’re new to sourcing or want to start looking outside of LinkedIn Vanessa shares that the easiest first step is to research X-Ray Search and how to write a Boolean search string.

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