Guest on Recruiting Trailblazers Podcast with Marcus Edwardes | Leveraging AI to become a Better Recruiter

In this era of rapid digital transformation, we are witnessing the remarkable power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in unlocking the potential of recruiters. By seamlessly integrating AI into the recruitment process, we empower recruiters with valuable tools and insights to make informed decisions and find the perfect fit for organizations and candidates alike.

With AI, recruiters enhance candidate experiences and, ultimately, build stronger, more diverse, and inclusive teams. In this episode, we are joined by Vanessa Raath, who is a global talent-sourcing trainer, an international keynote speaker, and a budding wildlife photographer, to share more about the exciting world of AI and its impact on the recruiting industry. Discussing the role of AI in recruitment to exploring the differences between PeopleGPT and ChatGPT, Vanessa shares her invaluable insights.

Discover how to harness GPT tools, build your personal brand, and engineer compelling prompts for better outcomes. With a focus on integrating ChatGPT into the internet and optimizing outreach, Vanessa guides recruiters toward greater success. 


[02:33] How AI fits into the recruiting industry

[04:43] Vanessa’s opinions on how we should use AI

[08:59] How Vanessa became an AI Expert

[09:53] The difference between PeopleGPT and ChatGPT

[11:08] GPT tools

[12:54] Building yourself as a recruiter in this massive and improved AI content

[14:46] Vanessa’s first course: Helping People Build Their Brand

[15:36] Tips on prompt engineering

[19:21] The biggest advantages of ChatGPT to recruiters

[22:43] How to integrate ChatGPT into the internet

[24:16] How recruiters can get a better response from outreaching

[26:15] How to use ChatGPT to write a personal outreach from a profile

[28:20] The dangers of ChatGPT

[29:19] Other AI Tools and how they are helpful

[30:55] About Vanessa’s course: The Intricate Science of Getting Passive Talent To Respond to You

[32:30] How Vanessa helps recruiters

Notable Quotes:

●      “ChatGPT is there, it’s not going to disappear, we may as well use it to help us be better recruiters.”

●      “The most important thing to remember about AI is that it can’t do the relationship development piece.”

●      “No one in the world is truly an AI expert.”

●      “The recruiters who have taken their time to get to know people, are going to be the ones who will win.”

●      “The more information you give it, almost like you are writing it yourself, it will come back to you and make it sound better”

●      “Don’t be just the piece of text that ChatGPT could generate, be a human being.”

●      “If you do things a little bit differently, it generally will get people’s attention.” 

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