Guest on Recruit CRM Podcast | Branding and Over-Communication

Join @Van_Raath, the recruitment guru, as she spills the beans on two must-have strategies for new recruiters: Over-communication (without the annoyance) and building a powerful personal brand that extends beyond LinkedIn. Get ready to ignite your recruitment journey with Vanessa’s game-changing insights!

Listen to the full conversation here


0:00 – Intro

1:12 – From school teacher to recruitment powerhouse: The unconventional journey!

4:45 – The launch of online academy and the inspiration behind it

7:11 – Success stories of Vanessa Raath’s online academy and its unique training approach

10:12 – Challenges faced in the recruitment industry and how you overcome them

12:39 – Key trends shaping today’s recruitment landscape

14:30 – Hosting experience at ‘The Recruiting Gym’ discussing talent sourcing

15:55 – Strategies to ensure presentations are impactful and resonate with a global audience

17:03– Experience at the Sourcing Summit Two in Sydney

18:05 – Strategies to maintain work-life balance and how to prevent burnout

19:28 – Evolution of soft skills and emotional intelligence within the recruitment industry

20:45 – Impact of candidate rejection on emotional and mental well-being

22:10 – The most thrilling part of the candidate experience journey

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