Brainfood Live On Air | Ep197 | Hiring in South Africa in 2023

Brainfood World Tour continues and this time we go to one of my favourite countries, which has one of my favourite recruiting communities – South Africa. There are challenges and problems with every country and region of the world, but I think it fair to say that Africa in general and perhaps South Africa in particular, were early examples of what we can now see as ‘disaster pron’ where media coverage could only be negative. One of the missions of brainfood is to platform local people and local recruiters and learn more from them directly, rather than through our own distorted media lens.

Tons of stuff happening in South Africa, so let’s find out what they are!

We will discuss:

– Labour market economics

– Skills dispersal in South Africa

– Shift to remote/global shift of jobs

– DEIB – what does this mean in SA?

– Core challenges to overcome – who needs to know what?

– Why hire in South Africa?

– How to hire in South Africa?

We’re with Vanessa Raath, Founder (Talent Hunter), Lerato Mopeli Dibodu, Talent Acquisition Partner (Bash), Megan Petty, Senior Marketplace Specialist (NTT) & Nkosinomqhele Zulu, Talent Acquisition Specialist (Kindred)

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