Finding Talent others can’t – The Recruitment Network Podcast

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Gordon Stoddart from The Recruitment Network in the UK. I have been doing some work with TRN for a few months now and I am so enjoying collaborating with them. Here is their Episode Description: Joining us this week is Vanessa Raath, known as The Talent Hunter.…

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Pivoting Through a Pandemic – The Vanessa Raath Story

Sourcecon Vanessa Raath

I have many things to be grateful for in my life but one of my greatest blessings was discovering, and becoming part of the SourceCon Family. I have to thank the following people for their influence in getting me involved in this community: Shannon Pritchett, Tangie Pettis, Ann Wilkerson, Amy Suits, Katrina Collier, David Manaster…

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Webinar: The Art of Sourcing with Vanessa Raath & Suky Sodhi (Live Recording)

In this video, Suky invites Vanessa Raath (“Queen of Sourcing”) to speak about sourcing and how it can be both effective and efficient. Vanessa Raath is a global sourcing trainer and talent sourcer from South Africa. She loves training people and sharing her expertise with recruitment professionals all over the world. Suky and Vanessa talk…

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