I believe that Sourcing is a vital skill which can be learnt by Recruiters with a desire to achieve more. The type of Recruiter who is consistently trying to secure better passive talent than their competitors. Sourcing is not Rocket Science, it is just the art of thinking differently.

I have trained several Internal Talent Acquisition Teams as well as several Agency Teams, based from Sydney to Seattle.

If we do not change our 'old school' recruiting mindsets now, you will find yourself without a job in the future. Gone are the days when you could pick CVs off a Job Board and send them to your client. We need to search for talent where they like to spend their time.

This includes searching in a variety of places, for those hard to find candidates, aka Purple Unicorns. For example, why are Recruiters so hell-bent on searching LinkedIn (740 million users) when there are 2 740 billion daily users on Facebook? (Statista, January 2021). As a quick example, sites like Github, Behance and MeetUp are completely underutilized when it comes to identifying talent.

My initial training is run over two days (or four mornings now that I mostly train online) and I have recently developed a third day of training. My training schedule is as follows: 


  • Are you a Sourcer/Recruiter worth talking to? We start by looking at the importance of your online brand and what a powerful tool this can be when it is used correctly.
  • I then move onto the world's largest professional social network, LinkedIn, and I will teach you the most efficient way to find candidates on here. Trust me, this will blow your mind!
  • The rest of the day is spent looking at sites that we should be incorporating into our search strategies but we tend to overlook. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeetUp, to name a few, will be covered.


  • We start by looking at sites that people don't view as talent sourcing resources - sites like ResearchGate, Behance, AngelList etc.
  • I will then guide you through six different Tech sites which are the best places to find Tech Talent - we start with GitHub and end with Dev - can you imagine the other exciting sites that we cover?
  • The afternoon session is dedicated to finding contact information for these candidates so we can now get in touch with them. We will also cover several other awesome tips & tricks that I have learnt over my years of sourcing.


Day Three was born out of questions that I received during the first two days of my training. Questions like:

  • We have found the perfect candidate, but now what?
  • What do we put in the message to ensure that the candidate responds to us?
  • How can we use our online presence to stand out from other recruiters?
  • What other sites can we use to find the best talent?
  • Are there any other Boolean search operators that we can use?


  • I normally complete this day's training a few weeks after I have completed the first two days of training so that the new learnings have had time to be implemented. This training is broken into three sessions.
  • We start by looking at the messaging that Recruiters are using when reaching out to passive talent. We look at what, and how, they are saying; their email cadence; their subject lines as well as more factors that will empower them to craft an excellent outreach message - that will elicit a response.
  • The next section looks at how people can Growth Hack their online brands to make sure that they are being noticed by the best candidates. It's easier when Talent comes to you than you always being the one doing the chasing!
  • We finish off with a section around advanced Boolean search strings and we look at even more sites that Recruiters or Sourcers can use to find talent.
Recruitment training in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

There is an old saying in the Recruitment Industry that says, "Candidate is King". This still rings true! If you have been properly trained to find rare passive talent and craft a compelling outreach message to them, I believe that you will always be an incredibly successful Recruiter.



  • I have 15 years of recruiting experience, 10 years focusing on the Tech space.
  • I launched the first SourceCon Sourcing Community Chapter meeting in Africa in 2018. I am determined to raise the profile of Sourcing in Africa so that we can be on a par with our global counterparts soon. Feel free to join our online community here.
  • I was invited to present at SourceCon's Annual Conference in Seattle, USA in March 2019. I delivered a keynote presentation on Diversity Recruitment. This presentation launched my International Speaking Journey and I have since presented at several global conferences like Sourcing Summit, Talent42, Talentnet Live and the European TalentPRO & Recruitment & Resourcing Conference, to name a few.
  • I previously worked as an internal Talent Acquisition Specialist for 10 years. During this time, I grew the company from 35 people to over 200 without using the services of any 3rd party recruitment agencies. I also cancelled all of our subscriptions to the Career Portals / Job Boards & LinkedIn Recruiter licences saving the business thousands of Rand annually. Teaching myself how to source properly was vital in order to achieve these things.
  • As a qualified teacher, with experience in adult education too, I firmly believe in the value of small group training. I love to work with Recruiters, training them to source candidates for the hard to find roles that they are currently looking to fill.
  • I have presented at several Microsoft events - SQL Saturday, MS Developer User Group & Devconf, to name a few. I am on the committee of Women in Tech as well as being an Ambassador for GirlCode. Needless to say, I am very well connected in the African Tech Industry.

"Sourcers are not Junior Recruiters"
Shally Steckerl, Founder, The Sourcing Institute and The Sourcing Institute Foundation