Brainfood Live On Air – Ep135 – Recruiters Switching Industry Verticals


The agility of Recruiters is one of the main reasons why we are resilient during times of change. Switching industry focus is one of those skills which makes the most sense in the present moment as industries rise and fall with the shift to remote, the change in work habits, the change in people’s priorities.

Is there a technique or system for doing this? What is the best way to switch an industry? Can we develop a framework?

– What industries are rising, which are falling?

– How to make the switch – Big Bang or by increments?

– How to accelerate through the change

– What are some common errors of those who make the switch?

– What are the problems with NOT making a switch?

All this and more in Brainfood Live on Air. We are with senior recruiters who are experts in employer branding and candidate UX –  Alla Pavlova, Recruiter (Riot Games), Christine Ng, Head of Talent & Media (Quantum Motion), Vanessa Raath, Founder (Talent Hunter) & Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill, CEO (Join Talent)

Episode 135 is supported by our buddies Join Talent

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