Hi, I'm Vanessa

I work with companies globally to identify the best talent & I train Talent Acquisition Teams to source their own talent.

I'm also an international Keynote Speaker, an accomplished Emcee & Employer / Personal Brand Specialist.


    Hi I'm Vanessa.

    I work with companies globally to source candidates and train teams how to source their own.

    I'm also an  international Keynote Speaker and Career Brand Specialist & Coach.

      Who I am

      I'm a freelance Talent Sourcer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I work with companies globally to find and place the best talent.

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      What I do

      I train Talent Acquisition Teams to source the best Talent faster than their Competitors can. Additionally, I am a sought after Keynote Speaker.

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      What I have to say

      My blog, publications & podcasts showcase my guest appearances on several international shows, in addition to my own published articles.

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      Let's chat

      I'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch and we can chat about your sourcing challenges or training needs.

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      Published: SourceCon – Why You Should Do Your Homework Before Keynoting in a New Country

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      10 questions to check if you are attracting the best talent

      Talent Attraction – are you doing this right? Here are 10 questions to check if you are…

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      Published: SourceCon – How Sourcing is Related to South Africa’s Big Five

      One of South Africa’s many tourism drawcards has to be that the “Big Five” reside within our…

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      Published: HR Pulse – Five Tips to ensure you Ace your Next Job Interview

      I am a big advocate of my candidates preparing for their interviews. I always send them my…

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      Published: HR Pulse – How to design your Recruitment Strategy & Job Description when hiring IT Professionals

      I’ve been in the business of recruiting IT professionals for the past four years and I’ve never…

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