Guest on The Human Element Podcast with Nix Stephens

It’s always a pleasure to be invited to be a Guest on someone’s Podcast! Nix Stephens and I had a robust discussion about Bringing the Human to our Careers! Read more about our Podcast here: In this episode, I was thrilled to interview my first female in Tech, a true powerhouse in the world of…

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5 interview tips to ace your next meeting


Every candidate attending an interview has to spend time preparing for this interaction. I always send them my client’s website and the names of the person (or people) that they will be meeting with, so they can research them. I even go as far as to encourage them to ‘cyber-stalk’ their interviewees as it’s good…

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5 reasons to remove your cover letter


Did you send a cover letter with your last CV? Was it aligned to the role that you were applying for? In my humble opinion, the cover letter, along with the handwritten calligraphy CV, have become recruitment artefacts. I hope by the end of this article you will understand why I feel so strongly about…

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What makes a Recruiter successful?

Successful recruiter training with Vanessa Raath

In my experience, there is a scarce supply of successful Recruiters in South Africa. This is a difficult situation because the more consultants you have; the more clients you can service and the more candidates you are able to place in exciting new jobs. Before I meet with any potential new Talent Acquisition Specialists, aka Recruiters,…

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10 questions to check if you are attracting the best talent


Talent Attraction – are you doing this right? Here are 10 questions to check if you are A lot of Hiring Managers do not fully appreciate or understand, how scarce good talent is these days. I often meet with businesses and they are looking for the proverbial ‘one-eyed Rocket Scientist’ or ‘Purple Squirrel’. This is…

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